Hiking Trips & Walking Adventures

Lace up your hiking boots for a close inspection of dramatic landscapes and historic sites on programs featuring expert-led hikes and walks in destinations around the world. Exercise both mind and body as you pursue your love of learning on foot! 

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Hiking Trips & Walking Adventures

Embark on a journey of a lifetime through one of Road Scholar’s hiking trips or walking adventures. Through our walking and hiking tours, you’ll learn more about the people, cultures, and landscape through expert-led walks and hikes in destinations around the world. 

With various activity levels to choose from, from easy-going walks to our most challenging hikes, you’ll find an educational learning adventure that matches your lifestyle. Walking and hiking are great ways to learn more about the world around you from a unique perspective. Exercise both your mind and body as you pursue your love of learning on foot through one of our walking adventures or hiking trips.

Road Scholar Hiking Trips and Tours

Are you looking for an outdoor adventure that gets your heart pumping and legs moving? Look no further than Road Scholar’s expert-led hiking trips and tours. Throughout our collection, you’ll find hiking tours in Europe, Asia, North and South America, and more that immerse you in the environment to gain privileged access to stunning vistas, dramatic landscapes, and rare wildlife.

At Road Scholar, we offer some of the best educational hiking vacations that give you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how environments across the globe have shaped the cultures, traditions, and cuisine of their inhabitants. Some thrilling hiking tours you can take through Road Scholar include:

Through our educational walking and hiking programs, you’ll discover with a group of lifelong learners who are keen on the outdoors. Coming from various backgrounds, such as retirees, solo adventurers, couples, business professionals, farmers, and more, you’ll partake in meaningful conversations that allow you to create lasting memories and relationships. Book your hiking tour through Road Scholar today to blend your love for learning and the outdoors.

Walking Adventures, Trips, and Tours

If you’re looking for a slower-paced outdoor excursion, take a look at our collection of walking adventures. From walking tours in Europe to Asia and beyond, we have a wide collection of educational walking trips to choose from that plunge you right into the landscape of your chosen destination. Some walking adventures we offer at Road Scholar include:

Discovering the world around you doesn't have to be a challenge. At Road Scholar, we’re committed to making learning accessible to all, which is why we take care of planning and logistics to ensure your walking or hiking vacation runs smoothly.

Ready to see what the world has to offer? Explore walking and hiking programs in Europe, North American walking and hiking tours, or any other walking and hiking trip in our collection. Our expert-led tours will allow you to discover some of Earth’s greatest treasures.

Get moving when you enroll in a hiking or walking program today!